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Scorpios are represented by the scorpion, for the hard-skinned scorpion has claws, a strong grip and a poison stinger that lies in wait to strike when least expected. Life is a game of calculated chess, constantly plotting several steps ahead in order to orchestrate an eventual checkmate. This does not mean their intentions are necessarily nefarious, they just simply know what they want and are not afraid to work hard at playing the long game to get it. The woman holds her head up to show her psychic strength over the emotional realm. She is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive. They are often confused for a fire sign due to their overbearing passion. Instead they are a powerful water sign like a mighty wave that can cut and crush any object overtime. The moon transforms along with the snake that sheds its skin. They never show their cards, and their enigmatic nature is what makes them so seductive and beguiling. The Scorpio sign is the most strongly associated sign with sex. Sex is not solely about pleasure for these sensual scorpions. They also crave the physical closeness, spiritual illumination, and emotional intimacy sex can provide. The scorpions try to overpower each other because they have an “eat or be eaten” mentality. This might result in their own demise, for their venomous tips are always close to stinging themselves with their own poison.

Who knew that the softest hoodie you'll ever own comes with such a cool design. You won't regret buying this classic streetwear piece of apparel with a convenient pouch pocket and warm hood for chilly evenings.

• 100% cotton face
• 65% ring-spun cotton, 35% polyester
• Front pouch pocket
• Self-fabric patch on the back
• Matching flat drawstrings
• 3-panel hood

Scorpio Unisex Hoodie Black Logo

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